I Am

I am the bluejay of the truth
flying into the wind of life.
I am the cardinal of sarcasm
always talking sarcastic in a tree.
I am the nature of life.
My heart expands the whole world.
My happiness is the fuel of internal life.
I am like a piece of coal
burning in a fire like a night sky.
I am the anger swarming with life.
I am the heartwarming sun.

- Leon, Grade 3

Ode to Hope

Hope making me confident and self-esteemed, it is looking like Lake Superior, then changing and reminding me of my quaint red lake cabin.

Hope pushes me into and through the school day, and when I get home it turns into the taste of fresh-baked brownies, all chocolatey and chunky.

As the seconds, minutes, hours, days, go by, we find hope in our and other’s hearts, and in nature, and in the products of people’s hearts.

It smells of roasted marshmallows. The fire is hope, roasting us, the marshmallows, into better people.

Hope is kindness, kindness is love, and love makes the world go round. As the ball in Times Square drops, hope blasts. Without it, sadness grips.

Ode to hope, ode to hope, ode to hope!

- Walt Treat, Grade 4


The gods of the written word
I worship you.
The way the letters
flow from the pen
and sound good to the
tongue like silk for
the mouth is breathtaking.
Your disheveled hair
and twinkling eyes
showcase your creativity
in a way non else can.
The children of inspiration,
you are the idol to
me, myself, and I.
You fill the minds of
millions with your melodies
of sweet golden paragraphs.
You sit in dreamland
scribbling in print that
to only you is legible.
I love the creativity gushing
from your works.
I would love to be a
sponge to soak it all
I want to absorb your
finished pieces for
long, interesting hours.
From you I have learned
that any other job would
be maddeningly boring.
And that being
one of those gods
you never have a dull

Authors, I salute you
I worship you,

- Sofia Schott, Grade 5


My name is the wind
squeezing through the small holes
on a flute
one letter at a time
J, E, S, S, I, C, A,
one by one
in and out
more then once.
Or it can become a
through the ocean,
purple, blue, and red.
Or it can
squeeze and twist
into the sun
right when it is about to set,
so beautiful people come to
forever, to watch my sunset name,
or swim my fish name,
or play my flute name.

- Jessica Williams, Grade 4


Poetry is the living light in the sun,
that never will fade or fail.

Poetry is the shine in your eye,
that never will die,
or fade,
even if you pass away.

Poetry is the shine of the water,
glinting in the sunlight,
than many pass by, except for the thoughtful eye.

Poetry is the notes in a song,
the secret message that seems to flow together,
each note a blend of wonderful words,
that reach the ear as music.

Poetry is thanks to Marie Olofsdotter.

- Emma Daggett, Grade 5


Peet is a basketball player
making a basket on the basketball
Peet is the basketball
being shot.
Peet is the backboard being high
Peet is the net on the rim
being swished,
Peet is the crowd
on the benches.
Peet is the buttery popcorn
at the concession stand.

- Justin Dean, Grade 4

My Name Berens

Berens is a long name like a
dinosaur tail.
It is like the sweetness of
It is like the breeze during the
It is the name of being born.
It is like the light in the daytime.
It is like the bears growl in the
My name is like a flower
blooming in the sweet spring.
It is like the apple on a tree.
My name is like the liquid in a
tea cup.
It is like the rose in the summertime.
It is like the smell of the earth.
My name is like the dolphin in
the ocean at dawn.
My name is who I am inside.
It is like the soul of great.
My name is like the wood on a

- Berens, Grade 4


My name is like
a fire blazing through
the forest.

My name is like
lightning shocking
a docking boat.

As the forest burns
and the boat sinks
my name wanders
the sea peacefully
gently and calm.

My name is like a
mouse being chased
by a cat brave
to grab the cheese
but a coward when

It looks like a
tiger sleeping the
day away.

- Ryan, Grade 5


(Inspired by "Need increasing itself by rounds" by Kathleen Pierce)

The way I go to his house on holidays,
The way he helped me build a present for my dad,
The way his hair is always shiny and styled back,
The way the birds land on him and I get to go close to them,
The way he gives me dollar coins,
The way he takes his time to decide,
The way his cologne has a good smell,
The way he likes homemade food,
The way his voice sounds like sandpaper scratching,
The way his color is sparkly gold.

- Eric Sipes, Grade 4

A Mirror Reflects Everything

When I look into the mirror
I see the faces of my sisters
and my grandmother. A reflection
in the mirror
isn¹t just your reflection
it¹s the inner you. When I look
into my eyes I see mysterious surprises of life.

My long hair, like the fast blowing wind,
telling of a storm coming, a hurricane.
In the reflection I see
a twin looking back at me.
When I want to be alone, letting no-one
come near, I talk to myself
in the mirror.

A mirror reflects your actions, emotions, listens
to your voice, looks at you
when you leave
it leaves.

- Nhia Yang, Grade 6

Circle Poem

I am making a circle for myself and I am placing into that circle
my grandma who soars like and eagle in the sky
I see my mother, who has warmly comforted me throughout my life.

When I look into the circle i feel the violent keys of the piano, and I hear
the rush of music dancing through my head.

I look and I see someone that should be there but is not
my gentle grandpa who had to leave us.

I see my wishes: hopes for peace on earth
happiness in my heart
all the wonderful joy that build up in my soul.

I am excluding the feelings that hurt me,
frustration, anger,
not accomplishing something.

I feel my warm family and friends who have always been there
I see my hopes and dreams
what every human being has wished for in this awkward world
to be a peacemaker, many people
can be left out from that part of my circle.

To be a fighter against the evil, discrimination, prejudices, and injustice
that we all experience
it is simply a key that we haven't found
the key will be found when it is ready, and it will bring peace.
I am making a circle, and I am placing all of my hopes, dreams, wishes, feelings
and sights into it.

I can only hope that they come true.

- Hanna Hondzo, Grade 6

I Am a Strong Girl Here on Earth

I am a bird soaring over the deep blue sea
I am the pale sweet moon in the night
I am a patient flower
I am the happiness in your body
I am a red tiger hunting for food
I am a stinky old glass of milk
I am a strong girl here on earth
I am myself and my soul.

- Zoe Martens, Grade 3

I Am Water

I am the water from the storm
and the teardrop of the sun
in a sky filled with rain.

- Merejildo Cardozo, 2nd Grade

My Dreams

My head is where my dreams are sleeping
just waiting for me to fall asleep
so they can do their work

- Ellen Kinney, Grade 2


The hummingbird is fast
for the wind might ignite
the flowers passion for fire.

- Mark Anderson, Grade 5

My Grandmother

My grandmother is like a butterfly,
she lets me sleep with her at night,
and her wings are my blanket.

- Yoetzy Perez Lopez, Grade 2

Sunshine, Sunshine, Bluesky, Bluesky

I lay in the grass up on a high, high hill just to relax
to look at the clouds and see the different forms go by
to spot all the animals and funny shapes.

Instead, I see black clouds of smoke from a war far, far away
to think how many leaders have sent people in the middle of their life
to go fight in a war and die. How many families will be
more then sad, almost mad with themselves.

My one wish is for all the citizens of the world
to think about war the way I do.

This is for all those incredibly hard times in life.

- Brett Eric Larsen, Grade 5